Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 2 - Asics President's Day Challenge

Day 2 of the tournament was much better than Day 1. We were in the Civic Auditorium, and older facility, with just 4 courts on each level. It's quieter and less chaotic. Not sure if that mattered, but the girls played better.

They looked good in warmups for sure. Kendall had some good serves, and I suspect that led to them letting her serve a few times in the game.

They came out looking better. I think a good night's sleep and the chance to relax after first day's nerves helped. Yesterday they played tight, and made lots of mistakes, losing all three matches. I walked shoes over to Kendall last night and she looked much better.

Today they played a tight first match, though Kendall had some good ups. No stuffs, but she was up nicely on blocks and had a few hits.

Her swings were looking better, with some in, some out, but good hits overall.

Nice to see her moving well, and saving some balls that needed help. In the second match, she closed out a game with a nice dink.

She was the right hitter all day again, which she doesn't like, but she's learning the most, so this is a chance for her to learn that spot this year. As they've gone to three hitters, it's interesting. Some struggles, but slowly the girls were looking better today.

Three matches, three wins, 6-1 on the day, which is good. After the 1-6 performance yesterday, we're doing better. Not sure how much it changes our seeding for the next few weeks, but we'll see.

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