Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One thing after another

I’m not sure I could have done more wrong things this morning. I was on a call and hurried off it, racing to yoga this morning. I hurriedly packed my bag (1), which was my first mistake.

When I arrived, I realized I didn’t have my membership card (2), but since I was barely there in time, the teacher let me slide in, saying we’d search later. I hurried into the locker room to change, only to realize I had 3 shirts and no shorts (3). I ran back to the car to see if I had shorts, but I didn’t.

I was almost resigned to skipping, but came back in and told the teacher. She said they had a few pairs of men’s shorts. There were only small sizes, but I grabbed one that felt stretchy and tried it on. It kind of fit, in a 1970s, high school PE kind of way. Still, it was enough to take class.

Class was hard, which was good, and afterwards, I realized I hadn’t brought a towel (4), but I had an extra hand towel, so I used that. Then I noticed I didn’t have any underpants (5). Commando it is. Then I hadn’t brought my wallet in (6). I went to get it, paid for the shorts, and then went down to the car. I realized I’d left my sunglasses in the locker (7).

Well, seven is my favorite number.

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