Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book #6 - The Gods of Guilt

51N7GDMV-rL._SX105_I've enjoyed most of Connelly's books. The Harry Bosch character is great, and I've come to really enjoy the Lincoln Lawyer as well. This is another one of those stories, one where a "digital pimp" is accused of killing an escort. She's a woman that Mickey Haller tried to save years ago, and apparently didn't.

We also find that his mentor has told him that the jury are The Gods of Guilt, and he must appeal to them in his case. He believes the accused isn't guilty, and starts to build a case over time. He runs into people from his past, and bad situations, and people die.

The book covers the early accusations and investigations, and then jumps later in the year to the trial. It's a wild trial, one that's well written and exciting, and ends in a way I hadn't expected. A good read, but I'd read the Lincoln Lawyer first.

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