Monday, February 17, 2014

Asics Challenge Day 3

Another early morning. I got to eat dinner with the team and some parents last night. I should have taken a picture since Kendall looked nice and had her hair braided. The girls sat together and didn’t spend all night on their phones. I sat with a few parents and it was nice, but not great.

Today the girls started out refereeing the first match. It was for the 4th and 5th place teams to see who proceeded on. Neither team was great, and neither one would play us unless they won the next round.

Our game started out with smiles and good hits.


The team played well, going up quickly and never looked back. Kendall had a couple hits and even set a few when the setter was the first hit.


Kendall got to serve as well. She ended up serving the final 6 in the first game to win.


Lots of back bending, which we need to work on, but she hit them over.


The second game was more of the same. The team going up early and never looking back. Kendall had a few good hits as well.


The girls created a new cheer yesterday, where they come together, jump and cheer. I got a couple pictures of the jump and sheer.



Kendall’s getting up on the blocks as well.


Here’s one of her good pushes:


After a break, we next played a team that we beat on Sunday, and beat them again. The first game wasn’t close, and the second was closer, but we won. The girls played well, Kendall didn’t have a lot of plays, but she did well.

They won their flight, finishing the weekend 9-7. Not great, but a great couple days after a shaky beginning. This is the second tournament that they struggled to get started, and not sure why. Nerves? Maybe, but we need to find them a way to get ready to go early and confidently, but loose.

Exciting to be in Omaha with the team, and ready to go home.

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