Monday, February 3, 2014


The Super Bowl was embarrassing for Denver last night. I started watching and got through the first half at home and didn't have much desire to watch more. When Tia got home I was a little upset and crabby, but managed to get to our neighbor's to watch the second half. It got worse, though I'm glad we weren't shut out.

It's just a game, and today it's over. Nothing to celebrate, and not important enough to mourn, other than football being done for the year. Now it's looking forward to next year.

A great year for Manning and the Broncos. 600 points, 55 regular season TDs, 60 TDs passing total for 2013, an amazing and exciting season. Actually two amazing seasons with lots of entertainment for Denver.

Now to watch and see if the Nuggets can generate any excitement.

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