Friday, May 17, 2013

Volleyball–Early Summer

Another league starting for Kendall. She’s at Elevation Volleyball and last night was the first practice. Her coach seems out of her league, and I’m wishing I’d signed up, just noting I’d be gone for a week in the middle. Fortunately a younger girl (20-ish) was helping and she was good at demonstrating and they had a new manager walking around helping.

I know Kendall was frustrated with some of the stuff they did, which was slightly different than what we’d worked on. A few things I liked, some I didn’t. However I did find one thing really handy. The guy was helping Kendall with her serve, trying to get her to not start with her feet facing forward, and instead have them sideways. She didn’t’ love it, but the coach went and grabbed a tablet (iPad, Nexus, etc.) and video’d her serving and then showed her and discussed what was happening. She got it and changed a few things, improving her serves.

A couple things. First, it’s good that she had a different experience and with a coaching staff that pushes more than I do. I have something to learn, and I think she is as well.

Second, the use of the tablet was unique. I’ve seen people use phones, or video cameras, but the immediate and quick feedback, in a large screen, was very helpful. Might be a use for tablet video here I wasn’t thinking of or aware of. I could see this in terms of immediate speaking feedback or something else as well. Perhaps I’ll look at a tablet again in this light.

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