Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Book #29–Calli’s Last Dance

417OQJFGK9L._SX105_I have to admit that as I went through this one, I was thinking Callie would die or retire. I won’t tell you if one of those happens, or if it’s something else, but this one had me hooked up until the last page. Even then I was struck with a huge cliffhanger in the last few paragraphs. I can’t wait for #11 now.

In Callie’s Last Dance, the book opens with a man thinking his wife is having an affair. He rents the hotel room below her, shoots the largest pistol every built into the ceiling, intending to kill her. He ends up dying when some of the cement from the ceiling falls on him, and we’re left wondering what this has to do with anything.

The book then jumps back in time. We have Donovan still getting his new surgery center going, with Dr. P beholden to him, and the agency without a leader. He’s offered the job, but isn’t sure. Meanwhile Callie and Donovan are supposed to kill one of Sal’s lieutenant's wives. However they decide to kill them both, thinking that the lieutenant may be a problem later. As expected, they don’t know everything and Locke gives us a twist where Creed has to find a way out of the twisted situation.

Callie and Donavan also evolve their relationship, before Callie is shot. What happens? Read the book, but be prepared for a huge cliffhanger at the end.

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