Saturday, May 18, 2013


I completed my merit badge signup this past week. For some reason my paperwork didn't go through, so I had to do it again, filling out more merit badges (10) that I'd teach or sign off on. One was robotics.

I've been wanting to get some work done on a few of these and get prepped to teach. Today was the college, but Delaney had an orchestra trip instead and so we missed it. I'd like to be prepared for the fall, however, when we have another one. Today was quiet, and after feeding the horses, I decided to get to work.

I grabbed Delaney's Mindstorm set and started programming and building. It was interesting, so interesting that Kendall joined me, and then took over.

We built the shooter robot and it kind of worked. It would shoot one ball, but somewhere in our programming the loop was failing. We'll look at it again tomorrow.

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