Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Morning

  • Struggle to wake up
  • Get kids up. For once they get up easily. The last day of school will do that
  • Cook breakfast
  • Send them to the car and then race back upstairs to grab contacts
  • Drive them to school and go get coffee
  • In the parking lot I put on contacts while sipping coffee. I'm glad I have tethering with my phone I was able to work on a few things in the parking lot.
  • I only get 25 minutes before I go back to  Kendall's school for the award ceremony. Proud of Kendall for her honor roll award, social studies and science awards

It was neat to see her recognized. There was a slideshow with all the kids listed in it as well. I grabbed the quick shot of Kendall in video as well.

Then it was over to the high school, a little more work, pick up Delaney, come home, feed horses, and finally to my desk.

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