Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Morning

Quiet for me. Up relatively early with the dogs a little antsy. I made coffee, had a cup with a little West Wing before heading out to feed horses. A fairly smooth operation, though Chance was once again in the middle. I spent almost as much time getting him out as feeding the horses.

One thing I did notice is that our Ranger was the best investment we’ve made. Being able to sit down, have a windshield, and drive inside is incredibly nice. Each time I use it, I’m grateful we could get one and we made the decision to do so. It was especially nice last night as I was tired and sore from a hike with Delaney. Here is our setup last night, with my new S4, dual picture mode.


With kids asleep, I spent a bit of quiet time, filling out volleyball camp forms for Kendall, and gluing up some pen blanks. We’d bought some a few months ago, and I spent a little time teaching Kendall to turn a piece of wood round. However I’d let it go.

Today I decided to move forward, and with a break from coffee and watching West Wing, I drilled out some blanks, mixed up epoxy, and glued them together.


I have two acrylic/wood mixes for pens, two cinnamon wood blanks for key chains, and a normal wood blank for a bullet pen for Delaney.

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