Monday, May 13, 2013

Book #24–The Wish List

41sMdZD97RL._SX105_Would you want your wishes granted? A man is encouraged by his friends to submit a list to a The Wish List web site. His wishes start coming true, one of which is to sleep with a famous actress. The fifth Donovan Creed book starts with him having slept with the actress and then goes back to tell us what happened.

Once again we start with a new character, but Creed comes into the book later. The whole book struck me as one of Victor’s “social experiments” from the beginning. In return for getting your wishes (4), you must participate in 4 wishes. Our main character’s wishes include killing someone, along with a few other things he can’t imagine doing.

He eventually calls Creed, and halfway through the book we start to understand what’s going on. It’s a great story, different from most of the others, perhaps closest to Saving Rachel. A great addition to the series.

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