Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Failing Education System

I watch a fair number of TED talks. Most are better than average, quite a few interesting, but relatively few touch me or really inspire me.

This one did.



If you want to keep education the same, you’re a problem. Whether you’re in a union or not.

We do need to try new things. Some will fail. We need to stop being afraid of failure. As educators, and as parents.

We should allow creationism to be taught. I think it’s wrong, and silly, but what do I know? What kid won’t get a job because they learn creationism in high school? None.

Don’t agree with it? Teach your kid something different at home.

I think we ought to try things. Year round schools with bigger breaks. Remove some standardized tests. Teach, and test, in new ways. We don’t need to classify all kids according to a single score. We don’t need to be so concerned about rankings, at least, we ought to be less concerned than we are that kids can understand and communicate ideas.

However the best part of the talk comes not in talking about education, but health.


You don’t want to provide adults with health care, or welfare, or retirement help, I don’t like it, but I understand.

You don’t want to help kids? Fuck you.

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