Monday, May 6, 2013

Lost in Yoga

It's kind of amazing. Feeling sick, stressed from work, a busy day with stuff to catch up on, the maid here, and deliverables I'm working on. At least 3-4 different, disparate things occupying my mind. I manage to get to Yoga, and I'm tense, a little anxious. I don't stretch well, and the class starts quickly. I've forgotten my towel, it's extra hot, and I slightly regret being in a long sleeve dry-fit shirt.

However I start working, and everything fades from my mind. I'm concentrating on following the class, and most everything in my life fades away.

It's a hard class, and 50:00 later, I'm exhausted, sweat dripping off. A good feeling, and suddenly the rest of life doesn't seem so bad.

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