Friday, May 10, 2013


I think both Tia and I need a bit of a break. Both feeling a little beat up. We had two ice packs in the bed last night after we got home at midnight.

Our tournament game was good, but tough. We only had 4, and I was wondering how it would work. The other team had 2 good hitters, and a definite advantage covering the court. We went up early, with them making lots of mistakes, but they came back, and we had a couple tough stretches. They ended up pulling out a close one 22-20 that I think we could have won. Just a few mistakes.

The second game we played better, working our way around, and going to a single setter for some stretches. I had a few good hits and a block. Aaron had a bunch of good hits, and Tia got a few in there and we won. That felt good, mostly because we were working as a team and playing well.

The third game we fell apart. Not sure what happened, but we couldn’t return their serves. We dropped 7 or 8 points right away. I missed a few passes, a few balls hit long or into the net and we were down. It got to 13-2, and we had a bit of a comeback. They made some mistakes, and we had a few plays, getting us up to 10, but then lost a point and we were done.

A good match, but I’m ready for a little bit of a break. Afterwards we had two hours at the church, with some good work in there, including a hard hit for me that scored, and a couple blocks.

However I felt beat up afterwards. I used my left arm one once in the early match, and the knees were tired later. More ice and Aleve needed tonight.

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