Monday, May 6, 2013

Back Home

934633_546056555444566_2074535540_nI started feeling chilly Friday, and being out in my costume for half the evening wasn’t the best thing for me. However it was a fun party, and once the sun was gone, I did give it up.

Saturday morning was a run scheduled with a friend, and I didn’t want to skip, so I bundled up and despite the slight drizzle, we did a nice run around the University of Nottingham campus. Fortunately I wasn’t speaking, so I had a relatively light day Saturday before riding the train back down to Heathrow airport for an early flight. Some Nyquil (which I always carry) and I was in bed at 9:00 for a decent night’s sleep.

Yesterday was a lot of travel. Back to DC, then Denver, and I was lucky to get home fairly early. My flight was supposed to go to Chicago, but it was cancelled. I got the messages as I bussed to the airport, but they’d booked me through DC back. I’m glad I carry on only as I was the first one through customs, with no bags to pick up, and then made it to the terminal early enough to re-book myself to a 12:20 flight instead of the 3:10 one. From landing (slightly early) to the customer service desk, it took me about 30 minutes, which was pretty good. Status matters.

I got home, Tia out working, and I was tired so I mostly just lay around all afternoon, and crashed between 7 and 8. A long night’s sleep and I feel much better today. Still a little run down, but mostly tired and congested. I’m sure another good night’s sleep will knock out most of this.

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