Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Tire Adventure

I’d never taken the Porsche into the mountains until last week. Kendall and I were going to Winter Park for the day and I asked if she’d like to take the Porsche. She said yes and we zoomed through the mountains, enjoying some of the curves as I goosed the throttle around them.

All was well until the way back.


I felt a couple bumps, and then saw smoke coming from the rear of the car as it rumbled down I-70 near Evergreen. I managed to pull over, but by the the tire was shredded. On the side of a 65mph highway, trucks and cars coming down, I managed to loosen the wheel and jack the car up. I’d never needed the tools in the car, and was glad they were all there.

Then the spare was an inflatable spare, which I’ve never seen. It folds in on itself a bit and there’s an air compressor in the car. 15 minutes later, it’s inflated on the car and we test it by rolling down the slight hill for 100 ft to be sure it’s holding the car’s weight. It does and I drive to the Tires Plus near us, 41.3 miles, going 55mph with a close eye on the odometer to keep it under 50 miles.


Here’s the tire next to Kendall, which is shredded. I guess high speed and blown tires don’t work out well.

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