Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me Struggling, Kendall Learning

Last night was the first night of volleyball camp at a local high school. I ran Kendall down there since the fall season starts soon and we both think getting the chance for a little extra practice is good. She ran through lots of drills, with a wide range of girls, but mostly older, so they worked on more advanced skills like setting and spiking, which she hasn’t done with her team. Near the end I could see she was getting tired, but it was a good night of camp, and we’ll repeat again tonight.

However then I went to karate, sans Kendall who Tia picked up. I was looking forward to going, and feeling more motivated for some reason now that I have the black belt. As some have quoted, the black belt is just the first step on the journey, and surprisingly that’s how I feel now.

The body didn’t agree. In the warm ups, where I was trying to focus, I struggled with a little balance, and the ankle was a little shaky. Not hurting, but didn’t want to give me great support on kicks. Then while doing the boxing drills, the right shoulder was sore, so I slowed down quite a bit, not putting power or a lot of speed into the hits. About the only thing that felt good was the ab workout at the end.

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