Sunday, August 14, 2011


I think the baseball team is cursed. I can’t believe we lost yesterday, up by 10 runs at one point and leading by 6 in the top of the 9th. We just lost it, giving up 7 runs without an out on a combination of good hits, a few walks, and a couple hit batters. Add to that a few errors, and it was hard.

I didn’t get much of anything at third, no fielding plays, a pop-up the pitcher got, and a couple throws from outfield to me to try and catch runners. The only close one was a throw from center that was low, coming in on a few low bounces and the runner sliding, obscuring dust. The ball bounced off my shin, which is still sore today.

At the place I walked the first two times without swinging, then walked after a few foul balls, and got a K and a grounder to first. The K came when I swung at a high pitch for the third strike, but I’d let a  high one go earlier that was called, so I had to swing.

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