Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy Day

After taking yesterday off to hang with the kids before school starts, today was back to the grind, trying to close down the week. I leave for New Orleans at 7am (leaving the house at 5) and then drive to Baton Rouge for SQL Saturday #64. It will be a whirlwind weekend of a couple hours in N.O., driving to Baton Rouge and spending about 27 hours there before driving back to NO and flying home early Sun morning.

Today was getting Kendall to camp, then working to get a podcast done, a touch of writing, and then going over my presentation again, checking demos and fixing some (more) typos. This is now 4 rehearsals in a week, so I think I’m getting it down.

There was a run in there, and also getting Delaney registered for school. Then more presentation work before racing to karate, and being a minute late to step on the mat. Fortunately the class was singing “Happy Birthday” to the instructor, so I slipped in. Then grocery shopping before heading some to finalize a couple things I wanted to change in the presentation. I thought of them while driving around.

Somewhere in there I packed, going for the no checked bags route, which I hope works out OK for me on this trip. I wanted to get down to a smaller bag, and think I did fine, with plenty of space left. I’m thinking that I’ll aim for this mini bag for the rest of my trips this year, and see if I can manage to avoid the delays of checking bags.

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