Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still Sore But Better

The knee is still sore, and definitely not supporting much in the way of movement, but I was able to walk much easier today and could go down stairs without the handrail. Ice and rest have helped.

Just did an easy treadmill jog, very slow. I started at 4, but that was uncomfortable. Too fast to walk, too slow to jog, so I upped to 4.6, which was OK. I tried 4.8 at a minute, but immediately I had pain from bending the knee too much and had to slow down to catch myself. I stuck with my 4.6 for the remainder of the run, and then walked a bit at 3.3mph, which was a comfortable pace.

I was ready to not run last night, after starting to strike and almost hitting the ground from the knee in pain and starting to collapse. I started to walk after that, just about giving up on running, but then decided to try the old man, slow shuffle/jog and that worked. It was a "run" as well, with both feet off the ground on most strides, and managed to go along with Delaney pacing me on his bike.

I'm going to go slow for a week and see. If it's still painful, I think a doctor visit is in order, but I've had similar pain before and a week later it's mostly gone.

Fingers are crossed this time.

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