Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mountain Climber

Delaney had the actual climbing portion of his Climbing merit badge this morning for Scouts. He had done the prep work in April for the badge, and today we had scheduled the rest. We were late, as usual, and had trouble finding the right spot, but we managed to get there.


Despite getting up early, Delaney was fairly excited to get going. Because we were late, it took awhile for him to get geared up, and when he finally did, he started with rapelling.


The first time he went down, he was hyper-ventilating a bit and was definitely scared. But he made it down, and then had to go to two more.

I was watching from below, but Kendall and Deuce were up top, about 50-60 ft in the air, checking out Delaney’s progress from the top.


I watched from below, and then walked back up with Delaney for his third rappel. By that time he was scared, but managing it well and happy to go down again.

Delaney rappelling down Castlewood Canyon

By this time it was close to lunch, so Kendall and I went to get some subs for everyone while Delaney did his climbs and belays. He needed three of everything, and when we got back he was working on them, but he was tired and hungry. He ate, but was too tired to do more, which I understand. Climbing is hard.


He did manage to get his 3 rappels, 2 of his 3 climbs, and 2 of his 3 belays. We’ll schedule the rest sometime in the future, but glad that he got most of it done.

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