Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to the ranch

This afternoon I was all set to do some chores, but I’d asked Delaney to play tennis and Tia wanted to go. I thought chores could wait, actually was avoiding them, so we went and hit balls for an hour, but we were all tired. It was hot (90F+) and we gave up, coming home after a bit.

Then it was chore time. Or I was about to go weed whack some tumbleweeds, but Tia wanted to get her batteries cleaned in her truck. They’ve been draining and we think there’s something wrong with the electrical system. There was corrosion on the terminals, so we cleaned those batteries first, and then I went to cut some weeds down. I got the culvert and the gate cleared up, which was something I’ve let bother me for a month and a half without dragging the weed whacker down there to cut them down.

Mission accomplished and now I won’t be annoyed with myself every time I go through the gate.

I took the tractor down, after first pushing some hay bales that Tia needed moved. Surprisingly easy, though I was worried about lifting two at once. Fortunately they were angled and balanced on the other bales, so I wasn’t lifting them completely with the bucket. Still, moving slow to make sure I didn’t tip over.

Cut some grass for a few minutes, tied down some tarps better, and I’m done. It’s been a long day and time to chill out with a little Halo 2 with Delaney.

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