Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling Good

After an indulgent day at the amusement park with the kids, hanging out, drinking too much sugar, and laying around, I was tired. Came home, ate, watched some TV and fell asleep early. Up to get Kendall to her last day of day camp this summer and then working a bit before a run.

Which I pushed, harder than normal, but after a lazy day yesterday, I felt like going. Had a good run, which was nice. Tomorrow I’ll be running in Baton Rouge, around University Lake where it will be a bit warmer than CO, I suspect. Looking forward to running in the heat and humidity the next two days.

I graphed July’s runs recently using MapMyrun, which is where I store a copy of my runs, and noticed something:


Without meaning to, I’ve been running almost in a pyramid pattern across the weeks. It’s 7-8 days between the pattern, which is completely unconscious. I don’t track the miles across days very often. But listening to my body, I’ve run this way.



and May


are similar, though not as much of a pyramid. However June and July were definitely months were I was trying to run more, get above a 2mi/day average to make it for the year.

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