Friday, August 12, 2011

Halo 2

Delaney and I were talking about video games and books yesterday while driving to the water park and I realized that I didn’t understand the Halo universe as well as I thought I did. I hadn’t played much Halo 3 with him, and apparently we never finished Halo 2 either. He offered to help me understand better by playing some games.

So when we got home last night, we sat down in his room and ran through a bit of Halo 2, me getting the chance to practice my skills and him having the chance to explain things to me. It was a good time, with Kendall providing some “color commentary” and helping explain some things to me as well. Apparently she’s played a bit with Delaney and knew a few things I didn’t.

It was a good end to a kid day.

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