Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It snowed a little, with lots of wind last night. This morning schools were delayed an hour, which was good for sleep, but I didn’t take advantage of the time. I was tempted to go run the tractor up and down the driveway, but didn’t.

And I got stuck.

Fortunately it was on the way back from dropping Delaney at the bus and not the way there. It was a little hairy getting out of our driveway, but we made it. The bus came, and then it stopped. The street it turns down after picking Delaney up had a truck stuck there and so the bus had to back up and go back the way it came. Not sure what the kids down that road did, but I suspect they had a day off from school.

I made it back to our driveway, down and started back up when the Ford just slipped off the left side of the driveway. It was a weird place, and it was nicely stuck with snow up to the bottom of the driver’s side door. I climbed out the other side and luckily only had a 200ft walk to the house. Fortunately the tractor started, and I left it to warm up and then told Tia I’d need help.

A little plowing and shoveling and the truck easily came out of the ditch. We left it running and then I took Kendall to school, making it there fairly easily. Once again it was a little hard to get back through our driveway, but I made it.

Now I need to plow the driveway again, but I’m waiting to see if it warms a little and get some work done.

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