Friday, February 11, 2011

One of Those Days

Getting ready to leave on vacation, without the kids, for a week, is stressful. Trying to ensure everything is set for home and work is hard enough. Add in the fact that I have to go to Colorado Springs tomorrow morning to speak before our flight, and Delaney has ACTs, and it’s more stressful. Add in that I planned on having a friend from Utah stay with me tonight and go to the event tomorrow, and it’s really stressful.

I was managing, really doing well. I knocked out a bunch of work this morning. I was trying to hurry, and felt my neck tightening up. But I got most of what I wanted to finish today and got all my newsletters scheduled for the next week. I ran at lunch, did a little more work in the afternoon, and then headed to the airport a little early to pick up a friend.

I got there right about the time I expected him to pick up his bags. I called him, and he said he was already waiting outside. So I walked outside and looked. No friend.

We talked about landmarks, trying to fix the location and all of a sudden I realized he was in Colorado Springs at that airport. And I was at the Denver airport. It never occurred to me that anyone would fly to an airport other than the Denver one. I’ve never done it, and didn’t even really consider the Springs as an option.

So I headed home, both of us making calls to arrange for him to get out of the airport, and then try to figure out what to do. He was supposed to be here, and still might be. We’ll see if someone can bring him back this direction and I’ll meet them.

At least I got everything packed.

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