Thursday, February 10, 2011

The iPhone Wins

I’ve been debating over what phone to switch to for a few months. Today I ordered an iPhone 4 from Verizon, starting the porting process, which should take about 10-12 days.

The Verizon iPhone rumors, ever since October, have had me interested. Not so much because of the iPhone, but because of the coverage. Both Spring and Verizon have good service out here, and both TMobile and ATT don’t. So I wanted to make a switch and have been debating, and reading about the iPhone v Android and trying to decide.

Ultimately, as I was on the phone with my business partner today, I just decided to get the iPhone. The 4G service was tempting, but as I consider it, it seems that there isn’t a lot of time when I’d be in a 4G service area. When I travel it’s likely, but 90% of the time I’m in Parker, and no 4G. Add to the fact that there’s a 4G surcharge likely coming, I decided to stick with the iPhone.

Plus I like the iPhone.

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