Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loading Up

We leave Saturday for the Bahamas, and based on our last trip, we don't be able to buy ebooks when we're there. I had a few books for our last trip, but Tia wanted to buy some new ones while we were in St Marteen, but the downloads wouldn't work outside the US. I know that Amazon has expanded things and moved the Kindle overseas, but I wouldn't count on it working.

So I decided to browse through the free books on Amazon's ebook list. I've gotten some good ones off there that later have been paid for books. Not that I mind paying for entertainment, but if I can try some new authors for free, I want to to give it a try.

I grabbed 10 or 12 free books and 5 or 6 low-cost, $1-5 books from various authors. Some I know, some I don't, but they're bargains. I was hoping that the latest Vince Flynn had come down in price, but the ebook is still $14.99, so I'll forgo the read for now. I have seen some half-assed writing and editing the last year from some large authors, so I am not looking to spend a lot on books at this point if they're not likely to be good, and I certainly don't want to pay a premium.

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