Monday, February 7, 2011

Back Home

It’s great to be back home, though I was hoping for a little less snow at the ranch. Weather was supposed to be good while I was gone, but it wasn’t, with snow coming down all weekend. As I drove out of the suburbs, the main road was a sheet of ice last night, slowing me down enough that Tia called to be sure I was OK.

When I got into our neighbordhood, there was snow piled up, and I think I did the Prius toboggan down our road and driveway more than I drove. It really felt like I had little control, and I was really glad I wasn’t in the Porsche. Not sure I could have gotten it home.

Back to the routine, and it feels like I’ve been working for 10 days solid now. This will be another busy week, but it should pay off with a nice break next week when I’m on vacation

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