Sunday, February 27, 2011


We did it, adding a new member to our family yesterday. Here's Junior

This is me playing with him in the morning, 

This is me playing with him on the floor this morning. He's a blue Great Dane puppy, about 10 weeks old. We all drove down to Penrose yesterday to visit a breeder with the intention of checking out their pups.

The breeder is also a rescue, and it was amazing to see someone that had devoted their life to these dogs. She's at Penrose Great Danes and has built a few dozen runs on their property with probably 50 Great Danes that  she's rescued and breeds some of them. It was amazing to see so many dogs in one place, all so friendly and excited to have visitors. I'll have to post more pictures later from my phone, but there were some amazing ones.

We sat down with the two litters that were 10 weeks and looked through them. They were playful and the kids were excited to hang out with them. I wanted to try a male this time, and so I looked at a black, but he was wary of us and that made us reconsider. Kendall really wanted one of the black females, but in the end we went with Junior, a blue male.

Here we are getting ready to head home, with Junior in Kyle's arms.

It was a long night with the puppy, even though he slept fairly well and I expect that we are in for a few long weeks as we housebreak him, but so far he's doing well and adjusting to the chaos on the ranch.

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