Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Relaxing Day

Tia was up early, with a work meeting, and me not far behind. Our plan was to relax a bit by the pool, maybe swim, maybe walk to town. Tia had her laptop, thinking she might work a bit. Having done some MCM studying while she was in meeting, I was similarly motivated and took the iPad to the pool.

We sat down there, ordered some food and a few drinks and didn’t do much. I listened to a Spatial data video, picking up a few things, and read a bit. I thought we might swim, but it was windy, and chilly. We actually cut the afternoon short, coming up to lie in bed, watch some TV and read because it was cold with the wind howling today. Felt like a windy day at the ranch.


A nice run in the late afternoon and the plan is a nice, quiet, romantic dinner for two this evening.

Here’s a shot from yesterday, sitting and relaxing on the beach. It looks like a Corona commercial.


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