Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book #4 - The Sentry

I was going to wait and not buy The Sentry until the price came down. However with a gift certificate given to me, and a trip planned, I decided to grab the book. I have really enjoyed the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series, and was looking forward to another Joe Pike book.

This one starts out with Pike witnessing a few suspicious men, and the beating of one of them. He stops them and calls the police, to the dismay of the shop owner and his niece. Pike operates by feel and thinks there is more to this and he thinks.

The niece gets to know Pike and when she and her uncle disappear, Pike needs to investigate to find out what happened. Caught between the police who don't like Pike and want to suspect him, and Cole who thinks there is something wrong with the situation, Joe continues to drive forward.

It feels a little more rushed, and it was written with less depth than some of the other books. However it's enjoyable and we get a little more insight into the character of Joe Pike, who has many of the strong, confident qualities that I think many of us wish we had.

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