Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tired: working and training

A long day today, with a short run after volunteering this morning. I’m glad it was short since I then headed out to the arena to try and dig out another hole and get posts in the ground for a new gate. We decided that with the man-door not being secured, a gate behind it  might be a good secondary solution. I got one today, and was not looking forward to digging another hole.

My first hole last weekend went well, but the second was barely 12” and stuck in clay. With trepidation, I started a third hole. It, too, stalled around 12”, so I went to get water, and put a few inches into each hole. After leaving it for about 30 minutes, I went back and sure enough it helped. I went another 4-6” fairly easily (nothing about a post hole digger is easy). I repeated that again, and I was surprised to find myself with 3, 2ft deep holes.

I got the posts in, added some cement and then got Tia to help get them straight. It felt good to be done, and I didn’t realize how tired I was until I came in to answer an email. I could barely type with tired forearms. They’re still tired now, a couple hours later.

Not much rest, before I headed out with Tia on a training walk. We have everyone, 2 dogs, and a horse, as we started. Delaney hadn’t eaten lunch, so he turned back about halfway up our ride. Kendall was riding the horse, but about 1.5mi in, she wanted to walk. In the other direction. She turned around and went home.

Tia and I continued on, 4mi, for her long walk of the week.

Now I’m beat. Might have to let Tia drive for date night.

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