Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pictures from Today

Kendall woke up today and wanted to play some dragon game right away. Since the iMac is still down, she came to my office and played before school.

Photo Jan 05, 8 10 36 AM

After the kids went to school for late start Thursday, it was time to feed. I had a line at the door of Café dkRanch today.

Photo Jan 05, 10 01 05 AM

I’ve been trying to get the puppy outside to play a few times a day. However after feeding horses, she was tired. She camped out on the steps, taking Oscar’s usual spot.

Photo Jan 05, 8 07 21 AM

He would have fit, but that would mean dealing with an 8-9 week old puppy, which isn’t fun for him. Fortunately he found a new spot.

Photo Jan 05, 8 07 26 AM

This afternoon a friend was flying in for an event tomorrow and posted a note on Twitter: windbreaker or ski coat. I sent this picture back.

Photo Jan 05, 2 32 46 PM

A beautiful day today, 60+F again, and no wind.

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