Sunday, January 1, 2012

Missing the New Year

I started the new year asleep. We went to Dave and Busters last night, only to find that they'd remodeled to a sports bar theme in the front and it was an over-21 club after 10. The kids were very disappointed, and we had a shortened celebration with friends. A quick dinner, some shuffleboard, and then we were kicked out after the kids played some games.

I was exhausted, and fell asleep on the way home as Tia drove back. We got home and I was out immediately, waking up early this morning with our lovely puppy.

However it's been a nice quiet day. I took Kyle to work and stopped by for various groceries on the way home. Then it was some dominoes and laughs on a relaxing afternoon. Then a run, and now heading outside to see how Tia's arena is working with the whole family over.

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