Friday, January 27, 2012

A Mental Health Day

It's been busy, stressful and I needed a break. With Tia traveling next week and a few other things, this looked my only chance to ski for at least a week, so I took it. I have work to do, and I'll be doing some tomorrow, but I needed the break.

A friend posted a picture this morning when he arrived in Miami, getting ready for a cruise. He called it sandals and grass.

I was getting has and coffee in Idaho Springs when  I saw it, so when I got to Keystone, I posted this one back to him:

It was snowing hard at the tunnel, and I had quite a delay getting through and over to Keystone. I knew it might be a hard day, and it was certainly cold. 13F when I was getting ready, but I walked over, got on the gondola, headed up and slipped off the backside. As you can see, it was hazy, snowy, and windy.

A great day though. The wind was bad at the top, but not too bad going down. The backside wasn't groomed, and lots of powder to slip through. Once I realized it wasn't all moguls, I had a good time on the South peak. Even went through the woods, and snuck into "Oh, Bob", the run that's narrow and through the trees. 8 runs over there, before I fell a few times on the last time, going slow, no problem, but I knew I was tired.

Back to the middle peak, a quick bathroom break, then skiing down the North face of that peak, before catching a lift to Keystone mountain and then cruising down SchoolMarm to end the day.

Jumped in the car, hit QDoba on the way out of town, and I was back at 3:40, just missing Kendall at the bus stop.

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