Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I feel like an Army recruit

I got more done this morning than I do most mornings. Tia left (again) this morning for a business trip. This one is two days, two cities, two countries: CHI today, TOR tomorrow. She left at 4:30 for a 6am flight, but I wasn’t far behind her in starting the day. Here’s my day so far:

3:30 - Up to let the puppy out so Tia can get 30 more minutes of sleep

5:30 - Up with puppy again

5:40-5:55 - reading The Rise of Endymion, afraid to go back to sleep

6:00 - Log on to the local Rec site to register my daughter for volleyball

6:02 - Run upstairs to look for my wallet.

6:05 - Run outside to get my wallet from the car to pay for volleyball. 6:05am in CO is cold, especially without shoes.

6:10 - registration complete, go wake up kids

6:20 - wake up kids again, this time they’re moving.

6:45 - Take Delaney to the bus

6:55 - Return, get Kendall in the car for choir.

6:56 - Kendall runs to get Uma

6:58 - Kendall can’t find Uma, comes back and we head to school.

7:04 - coffee. Mmmmmmmm

7:15 - Home, check email

7:30 - get 2 dogs outside

7:31 - chase puppy up the stairs

7:32 - carry puppy downstairs and outside

7:40 - walking hay around for the horses.

8:00 - back to the barn, find whining puppy alone. Call the older dogs and walk to the gate.

8:15 - back at my desk, searching for headset

8:30 - start webinar

The webinar is running now, fortunately I’m just hosting, so intro, close, questions for me.  Making a few notes, and trying to setup a demo for a presentation that I need to get done. This is a busy day for me.

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