Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sand Man

Tia had a clinic today, and they were planning on using the indoor arena if the weather was bad. So last night, after work, I drove the tractor out there and started spreading sand around while Tia cleaned up. It was hard work, even in the tractor, grabbing sand in the bucket, and then trying to spread it around. We had 8 large piles, and I managed to get about 3.5 done before we called it a night and went to dinner.

Having the lights in there was very cool and made it easier to work.

This morning I headed back out to do more, trying to get things done before the women went out. I worked on the files, slowly spreading things out and then tried to use the rear blade and front bucket a bit to smooth things out, but it didn't go great. I switched to the harrow on the ATV, which was slightly better, but not great, however Tia said it didn't matter. They went to work in there as it was.

An interesting project. I'd like to get the sand more smooth, just for the experience of doing it, but I'm not quite sure hot to do it. I suspect I need to go really slow, perhaps backward, and use the blade to push things fairly flat and hopefully not have the wheels of the tractor hit too many bumps.

We'll see if I can get time to do it. Maybe once everyone is done, I'll give it a go tomorrow.

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