Monday, January 16, 2012


A day off, and a quiet day at that. Tia had errands, so after feeding horses, I was just puttering around the house a bit. I cleaned a few things, and then started working on rebuilding our backup server at the house. It died a few months ago and I haven't had a chance to mess with it.

I took it apart, working with the drives, and adding the RAID card I bought the other night. It took awhile, with some things not going as smoothly, and I ended up getting the base OS installed and am still working on the virtual machine. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight and tomorrow and we'll have a central server again.

When Tia got back, we decided to tackle something together, and my idea was the basement. Ever since the kids really enjoyed ping pong on vacation, I've wanted to get the table back together. I've been slowly working on getting it setup, and today was the day to finish. Tia came down with me and we swept out the East side of the basement, moved furniture around to make a spot for the TV, and got the ping pong table setup. It actually looks semi decent now and we can play. Kendall and I warmed up the table, but I can see us down there on lots of nights from now on.

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