Monday, January 9, 2012

Afternoon Fun

One of the times I took the Uma out today I started playing in the snow with her and I realized that the snow was really sticky. So I rolled a few snowballs.

Photo Jan 09, 3 44 06 PM

They stuck really well, so I actually went and rolled them up into a few snowmen, which Kendall loved when she got home. I spent a few minutes out there rolling a few more, and then she took over some snowman duty, piling some heads on.

Photo Jan 09, 3 44 53 PM

We ended up with a mini-snowman family out front, which was pretty cool.

Photo Jan 09, 3 45 32 PM

As you can see, with no wind and no humidity, 40F isn’t very cold.

I went back to work and about 40 minutes later I saw a horse walk past my window. I went outside and found a little girl on the horse.

Photo Jan 09, 4 16 09 PM

Kendall had tacked up Rain while Tia and I were working and brought her over. She rode around the yard for 30 minutes or so before putting her away. It’s amazing to me that my little girl can do that.

Photo Jan 09, 4 17 22 PM

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