Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Getaway

Tia and I took a couple days away in Winter Park. We've been trying to plan more couples trips and this was a good time. Nothing happening for kids this weekend, and Kyle was able to help out, so we left early Sun morning to stay up there.

We'd spent Sat night with the kids, dinner and a movie so they weren't sitting around all weekend.

Photo Feb 16, 12 00 10 PM

We'd hoped they'd come up Monday, but with a big snowstorm Sun night and Kyle having class in the afternoon, we told them to skip it. Kendall was disappointed, but I'll try to take her in two weeks.

It's hard to see, but there were easily 6-8" on top of the car Mon morning when we went outside and our drive home was slow with an icy, semi-plowed Berthoud Pass.

Photo Feb 16, 10 01 08 AM

The skiing was tough Sun. Lots of ice as they haven't had much snow in the last two weeks. Tia and I had to take it easy, and actually called it a slightly earlier day than we'd planned. It was fun, but with knee surgeries and other commitments, we were both slightly nervous.

Photo Feb 16, 12 26 02 PM

We stayed across the road from the resort, and this was our view out of the room. A bit pricy, actually more than I've ever spent personally on a single hotel room night, but worth it. We had a nice happy hour after skiing and then actually crashed in the room. I slept until 9, and then didn't feel like going out. Tia was fine with that and we snuggled up, read, watched some snow and plows at night.

Photo Feb 16, 8 41 51 AM

Monday was great. When we were skiing, we slightly regretted not having the kids some up. Three hours of skiing went quick until we were tired and hungry. There was a ton of powder, and it was neat to go through it.

We'd learned to avoid some of the mogul runs and really had a good time. I don't love Winter Park, with lots of flat areas that are tough on snowboards. I also think I need some waxing, but it was still a good day.

We did avoid the blacks as they tended to have moguls, and I was amused by this sign, taking off to the South of Mary Jane. We saw a few people go through here, and I guess they must have rides or just hike back to the base from the bottom. Seems like lots of back country people at Winter Park.

Photo Feb 16, 12 25 30 PM

Overall a great weekend, and looking forward to going back for Spring Break, and then again for Easter when the nephews some.

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