Friday, February 27, 2015


There was enough snow coming down yesterday that Kendall's practice was cancelled. Actually, both Tia and I were disappointed as we were planning to go. However we decided to try the gym instead, since it didn't look too bad. There was supposed to be open volleyball, so we packed up and went out in the snow.

When we got down there, Tia and I took the barbell class, which is an hour of aerobic lifting. You set your own light barbell with weights, and it's lots of sets. I bet we did 100 squats, maybe 100 barbell curls, and more. Sets of 8 and 4, though the 4s were usually slow or had a series of pumps during the exercise. It's a good workout. Not super hard, depending on your weights, and I've learned to keep between 5 and 20 on each side of the barbell, not more.

Afterwards, we got the gym to set up the volleyball net, which they hadn't done. The snow had kept a lot of people away, and no one was really interested. Tia, Kendall, and I warmed up and a guy came over, so we did some 2 on 2, which was hard. We couldn't cover the court well, and with Tia and I not having great passes, we were a mess.

But it was fun. We grabbed dinner and went home.

Photo Feb 26, 8 58 56 PM

I was beat, however, with my having ridden the bike for 45 minutes earlier in the day in prep for Kendall's practice. However it was a good feeling, except for my knee. Between biking and squats, it was sore. Have to watch it for a few days. I'd swim today, but it's cold and I'd rather not go out if I don't need to.

When we got home, it was tough down the road and driveway. Snow had blown across, which gave us nightmares of our second winter here when we were snowed in and got stuck coming home one night in the road, because of wind blowing snow.

This morning Kyle tried to get out and got stuck. I raced around, glad he'd walked back since he reminded me how bad things were. I used the tractor to plow out and then when I took the kids, we pushed Kyle's Prius with the Suburban so he could get moving. He wisely turned around in the cul de sac and called it a day. I made it to school, but it was cold.

4F when I left, 7F when I got back.

Photo Feb 27, 8 52 34 AM

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