Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Book #8–The War of Alien Aggression

alienaggressionI grabbed The War of Alien Aggression, but it’s really a series of books put together. I think it’s six books, and no idea if they were published separately.

In this book, humanity has a foothold in the solar system. A VP of one of the major corporations comes to a mining ship near Jupiter. There’s an accident with one of the mining ships, and he takes another out to investigate. They encounter aliens, kill them in their ship, and humanity sets out for war.

It’s quite the opening tail, and maybe very realistic. The aliens are nothing like us, more like squids, and have superior technology. The kill many of our makeship warhsips, which are pressed into service from mining vessels. Humanity hasn’t had a war in decades, or centuries, since it last fought itself.

We see humanity losing and losing, but slowly gaining on the Squiddies and eventually coming to the end. It’s quite a ride, and after a slow start, it hooked me. Worth the read.

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