Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Flights

Three flights in a day, and 4 in two. Two countries on the trip, and a lot of tired eyes. I flew from Denver to Houston to London on Monday, overnight into Tuesday. After 3 hours in Heathrow, I caught a flight to Frankfurt, arriving in time to for a late dinner with a crowd of speakers.

I stayed out entirely too late, until 11 or so, though I only had a couple beers through the night. I was tired waking up, and wanted to sleep in, but I knew I better get up and work out. I’m proud of myself. Even though the health center was closed (not open until 9), I did some yoga and calisthenics in the room before heading to the conference.

I spoke, talked to people, and at 5:30, caught a taxi back to the airport. Actually a hired car, which was slightly cheaper (4Euros), but it was nicer. A nice Benz that the driver ran up to 180kph on the way there. I had a little over an hour to wait before my fourth flight in two days, heading back to Heathrow.

Moving between airports and timezones, and then having an all day conference and all day meetings today (It is Thursday, I think), has worn me out. I think I need an early night tonight.

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