Monday, February 9, 2015

UK Healthcase

Fortunately I’ve never need care abroad, but I wonder what it would be like. I’ve had plenty of friends go to the UK or Canada, or come to the US from there, and their experiences are mixed, but overall, the majority prefer the UK/Canadian systems to the US.

Here’s a view from a UK citizen who spent two decades in each country:

Overall, I think it’s accurate. We want convenience in the US, at least for appointments, but we easily don’t recognize the inconvenience we pay in paperwork, costs, and effort to get the schedule. We complain about the things we do poorly, but we want that choice, even if it costs more.

This certainly makes me think that someone who might worry about costs should think about emigrating to Canada as they get older. The weather can be worse, but at least they care about you.

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