Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Book #11 - The Sentry

sentryAnother Joe Pike book, The Sentry is interesting. We see lots of Pike, a little Cole, and a bit of a nutcase. The book opens in New Orleans, where a deranged killer is torturing and questioning someone along with two friends. Or is he alone? We never really know how crazy he is.

We cut to CA, where Pike sees two thugs causing trouble in a sandwich shop. When he stops them, the owner is upset, not wanting police or interference. His niece comes and thanks Pike. We see Pike fall for her a bit, but then she's missing.

The book has a strange plot, one not worth going through, but we see some attraction and emotion in Pike. He doesn't display much, but Cole picks up and it comes through. Even when he finds out things aren't as they seemed, he continues to press on as though he wishes they were.

A good read, but introspective and thoughtful more than action packed.

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