Monday, February 9, 2015

The 2015 Baseball Season

I went to my first baseball practice yesterday for 2015. I haven't played since the end of 2013, in Aug, and then I was a bit beat up, struggling with my knee and right elbow. After about 18 months of not throwing a ball, I threw a couple times in January, just in the basement before catching on with a team.

I'd called my old team in Jan, but they had lost a bunch of players and had a new manager. He'd managed to re-staff, but they ended up with 16 at the end of last year and he didn't want to add more. In fact, he wanted to get rid of one. No hard feelings for me, and since I knew few people still on the team, I decided to move on.

I called the league, and an older guy I've played against for years, and with once in Arizona was putting a team together. I'm not particular, and I know so many people, I signed up. We had a meeting a few weeks back, and I realized I knew a few of the guys. I missed practice last week with Kendall's volleyball, but made yesterday.

I was wondering how things would go. I was a touch late, and needed a few times to throw to get going. I was worried about the arm, but it did well in warmups, though I only did the right side. For infield, they dropped me at first, which was OK. I spent a few years there, though I was hoping for third. We had lots of infielders, so I think I'll be competing for innings in there outside of first. I did well, picking up most throws to me and making my throws to third. All in all, it felt good.

I batted first for BP. Not having seen a pitch in a long time, I was nervous, and trying to swing through, but not too hard. I got some good liners and grounders, pulling things. Then I swung nicely through one and hit it over the fence. 275 (short), but over a double plus high fence. That felt good.

My second at bat was OK, and I ran around the outfield, getting to judge a few hits, which was good. Overall, a good practice and it gave me confidence for the season.

Now I need to get some throwing in a few times a week at home and also some batting. I won't make next week's practice, and will miss the one at the end of Feb, so need to keep moving.

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