Monday, September 16, 2013

Winter Park

A great night in Winter Park on Friday. Despite a lot of chaos in our lives, things worked out and Tia and I had a nice time away from life for a night.

We have been trying to get away as a couple since June. Tia’s injury delayed things, but we decided that we needed to get away and not delay and more. With Tia gone early last week and her clinic cancelled for the weekend, I just booked a night Friday in the mountains. We had a lot to take care of to get out there and plans were changing until Friday morning, but it worked out.

Delaney was supposed to be above Boulder in the mountains for the Boy Scout COPE program for the weekend. I had planned to get him and a friend up there Friday, and then drive to Black Hawk with Tia. However the rains in CO cancelled his weekend, despite me meeting up with the other kid’s Dad, packing, etc. Fortunately Kyle could pick him up at school after Friday’s track meet.

Kendall had volleyball, but Kyle also agreed to pick her up, and when she got a birthday invite to Friday night in Parker, he handled that. A driving night for Kyle, out to Elizabeth, then to Parker, then back to Elizabeth and home.

Black Hawk was out with expensive hotels and not much choice, so I booked Winter Park. Worse case, we have dinner and a night in a hotel with nothing else to do. That ended up as our night after I rolled my ankle Thur night at volleyball.

However it was great. We checked in, wandered to a new bar for a drink and ended up eating appetizers for dinner, sitting there chatting and enjoying the night. Breakfast the next morning together, massages in the afternoon and we were home for dinner and dominoes with the kids.

A great break.

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