Friday, September 6, 2013

The Opening Night Roller Coaster

Last night was the opening of the 2013 NFL season, with the Broncos opening at home. I was ready to watch the game, but only part of it. I really wanted to play volleyball. It’s been two weeks, including watching Kendall play her first home game of the season at school.


She only played in the second game, but they won. In fact, the won both games, their first wins of the season. Afterwards she wanted to hang with friends, so I watched the 8th graders play. They’re better, and it makes me wish I’d played more as a kid.

Kendall did well, some good serves, moving well in the switches to be one of the setters.


She even got a good spike from the back row that scored. One of the few times her team scored, as opposed to (both sides) points being given for simple mistakes from players.

I had planned on watching the game, but we were late getting back from the store and I was cooking steak and corn on the grill. With the TV upstairs, I thought I’d get to watch the Broncos on the Sunday Ticket promotion I got from EA Sports by buying their $60 game (instead of $60/mo for the subscription). However this was an in-market game. No Sunday  Ticket. I quickly started recording the game, and tried to hurry dinner.

A downer, since there was a 40 min lightning delay, so I needn’t have hurried. As I got upstairs at 6:55, the game still hadn’t started.

When it did, the first couple series had Denver looking good. Exciting.

Only to drop as Baltimore scored first, and then in the first half, looked better. Denver stayed with them, but it looked like BAL was the better team. Downer.

Things changed when Jones (BAL) got hurt by his own player. Denver picked up the pace and I saw them score some quick TDs. It was 9:20 and 28-17 Denver. Surely, I thought, people will be packing up to play volleyball now that the game is going Denver’s way.

I drove down to the church, but no one was there. No games. Sad face.

I could have come home and walked, but I was feeling a bit down, and the Broncos game was over at that point. 42-17 and the day was ending on a sad note. Tia was tired, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I decided to read a bit. Since it had been a downer, I grabbed the latest Lee Child/Jack Reacher novel on the Kindle. I try to avoid the $10-15 books these days since it would impact our budget at the rate I read, but in this case the price was down to $11 (from $15 when the last new one came out) and I wanted to treat myself.

It was great. I got caught up in it and it had the mystery, intrigue and pacing of earlier books. I had to finally put it down around 11 to get some sleep.

Roller coaster night complete.

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