Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kendall, Game 2

I planned on getting a few more pictures, and maybe some video of the game. As I left the house, it started to rain, so I didn’t bring the video camera, and I was glad. I got set up at the top of the bleachers, was reading a little for work when Kendall ran up during warmups and asked if I could do lines. Apparently one of the parents had signed up and didn’t come.

So I did lines. Only one call for me, but since I was on the court, I did get one good picture of Kendall after a timeout.


The first game was uneventful. Kendall played, had 3 or 4 good serves, and a few good plays at the net. Her team killed the opponent, something like 25-11.

Kendall played the second game as well, but with 4 of the subs and they struggled. Lots of missed serves, girls not moving to get balls and they were down 22-14 at one point. I thought there might be a third game, but the coach put a couple of the first stringers in the game and they came back to tie at 24. A couple back and forths before they won at 27-25.

A good game, and I’m sorry I can’t see her play Wed, but they’re back down in Canon City.

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